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May Impossible Space Machine Work?

Impossible Space Machine

Credits: NASA/Glenn Research Center

Researchers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center claim that they found the EMdrive (Electromagnetic thruster / RF resonant cavity thruster) with no fuel, generates a very small amount of thrust. If the findings are correct, this is a very important development for the future of space transportation.

However, this is an obvious violation of the conservation of momentum law. As the law states, there will be no change in the total linear momentum in a closed system. If there is an action, there will also be an equal and opposite reaction in order to stabilize the system.

I do not blame the researchers, but I am still at the side of the sceptics. I believe in the conservation of momentum law. Without adding some extra energy, you can not obtain any extra reaction. If you break the total stability, it means that you will harvest a continuous energy gain. If that occurred, all stability would be decayed.

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Solar power revolution in Africa

Solar power revolution

Credits: businesstech.co.za – Jasper solar power project

Ninety percent of people in rural Kenya, and 585 million people in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to mains electricity.

Kenya: 23%, Tanzania: 14.8%, and Rwanda: 10.8% of their population have electricity.

People use kerosene lamps for lighting and in average they pay about $0.50-$0.60 per day for it.

But now, a photovoltaic revolution started to enlighten the darkness of Africa.

A solar PV (PhotoVoltaic) power plant near the diamond mining center Kimberley produces 96 megawatt energy. The system contains 325,000 photovoltaic modules, and supply electricity for about 80,000 houses.

In Garissa, Kenya a 50 MW solar power plant is expected to produce 76,473 MWh/year.

In Ghana, a 155 MW solar power plant will be completed in 2015.

The sun, which is the best renewable energy source gives us some new clues to solve the atmospheric pollution. Instead of using carbon-based or nuclear energy, the sun serves us its clean energy.

Maybe it will be the best for us, and for our next generations to use that solar energy all around the world, instead of other risky energy resources.



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Epic Privacy Browser With Proxy

Epic Browser team members believe what you browse & search should always be private.


The program is chromium based. Privacy, speed, and security are the most important items.

They block 11 potential privacy leaks:
1- No Address Bar Suggest.
2- No URL Check.
3- Auto-Translate Removed.
4- No URLTracker.
5- Installation-ID Removed.
6- RLZ-Tracking Number Removed.
7- Default Updater Removed.
8- Installation Time stamp Removed
9- No Alternate Error Pages.
10- No Navigation Error Suggestions..
11- No Error Reporting.

The program contains a “One Click Encrypted Proxy”.


Also you can easily enable or disable plugins, data encryption, or blocking ads & trackers with the click of the umbrella icon.


However, there are some articles that explain that Epic Privacy Browser have some important data leaks. Especially it is said that although some files are deleted after exiting the program, they can be easily recovered from the waste box.

Of course if your aim is not illegal, even only blocking the relation of your IP number and searches made with this IP, give you a broad invisibility. Also if you want to be completely secure, you shouldn’t connect to the internet, or try Tor.

Maybe you might give it a try: www.epicbrowser.com

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Bionic eye implant ready to be used

A bionic eye implant system manufactured by the US company Second Sight, restores the vision of some patients which were blind because of retinitis pigmentosa.

Bionic eye implant ready to be used

Credits: aol.com

In the following video, you can find more details about the implant.

Also there are some other implants in order to improve your vision with bionic lens.

All of these type improvements show that in a quite near future, it will be normal to replace some of our damaged biological organs with the better bionic implementations.

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Nano Memory Cell Imitates Long Term Human Memory

RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University researchers at Micro Nano Research Facility (MNRF) has built an electronic multi-state memory cell which imitates some of the normal brain cell behaviors. This is a huge development on the way to creating a bionic brain.

Nano Memory Cell Imitates Long Term Human Memory

Credits: rmit.edu.au

The discovery was recently published in an important science journal.

Project leader Dr Sharath Sriram says: “This is the closest we have come to creating a brain-like system with memory that learns and stores analog information and is quick at retrieving this stored information.”

That discovery maybe opens a new path to the binary digital technology to overcome the speed and data storage problems.

Also, for the artificial intelligence this might be an important milestone.

We are tired to be amazed by technological inventions so frequently. 🙂

For the awsome technological details on the subject, please follow the links below the References.

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Close Your Eyes To Remember Better

“A new study suggests that closing your eyes can help you recall sights and sounds in more accurate detail.” – www.sciencealert.com

Close Your Eyes To Remember Better

Credits: ScienceAlert

As the conclusion of a series of researches in the University of Surrey in the UK, “closing your eyes can improve your short-term memory.”

In an experiment, 178 participants watched a silent film. Then they were split into two groups. One group let their eyes open, and the other group closed their eyes.

Researchers asked participants some questions about the film. As a result, closed-eyed group obtained a success ratio of 71%. The other group’s success was only 48%.

This result is not surprising.

By shutting your eyes, you stop the flood of visual inputs which could affect your short-term memory. According to new researches, short-term memory has a limited capacity. By stopping the new visual inputs, you protect the data which are already in the short-term memory.

So, in order to remember the place of keys of your house, or where you had parked your car, it is a better practice to close your eyes while thinking.

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