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5.091 viewsTechnological Expectations in 2016

Technological Expectations in 2016 We prepared a collage of technological expectations in 2016 for you as a summary. Maybe you know most of them already. But, there are also some surprises too. A summary of 2016 Technological Expectations: All dogs will be microchipped in England First manned space flight from India The first space hotel […]

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5.143 viewsExpected Smartphones 2016

Expected Smartphones 2016 In 2016 the expected list of the upcoming smarphones are as follows: February 2016: Samsung Galaxy S7 February 2016: Sony Xperia Z6 March 2016: LG G5 March 2016: HTC One M10 April 2016: Huawei P9 August 2016: Samsung Galaxy Note 6 August 2016: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge September 2016: Apple iPhone 7 […]

Ara 082015
4.939 viewsNew Photos from Pluto

New Photos from Pluto NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft sends new images from Pluto. These images show the icy surface of the planet. John Grunsfeld from NASA’s Science Mission Directorate says: “These close-up images, showing the diversity of terrain on Pluto, demonstrate the power of our robotic planetary explorers to return intriguing data to scientists back […]

Ara 062015
4.616 views3D printed new life forms

3D printed new life forms This is not science fiction. We are in the synthetic genomics era. Sythetic organisms can be printed by 3D printers. 2010: The first living organism which have a computure for a mother was created in Maryland. Its nickname is Synthia. 2012: The genome of 80,000 years old Denisovan extracted from […]

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5.027 viewsMetal 3D Printing Systems

Metal 3D Printing Systems 3D printing systems are getting better results each day. Especially metal 3D printing systems have an extra importance, because they can produce “complex geometries which traditional CNC machining processes are not capable of.” 3D printing systems mainly make use of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). This method creates 20-40 micron layers […]

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6.579 viewsGreen Technology

Green Technology is a very interesting web site. If ecological stability does matter for you, then you should visit them occasionaly. They have practical green technology projects which use some waste materials converting them to useful thingies. In the “upside-down tomateous plant growing project” they use plastic bottles as pots. The project is very […]