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History of bike

First known bikes are invented in 19th century. However there are some unverified claims about “bicycle-like machines” from 15th century. (See details in wikipedia).

Crazy bikes

Photo credits: en.wikipedia.org

The first known bicycle was invented by German Baron Kar von Drais. It was called Draisine and patented in 1818.

The first “pedal-operated bicycle” was invented by a French metalworker in 1863.

Ball bearings are started being used in 1877.

“In 1885, British inventor John Kemp Starley designed the first ‘safety bicycle’ with a steerable front wheel, two equally-sized wheels, and a chain drive to the rear wheel.”

Inflatable tubes are invented in 1888.

Back-pedal brakes are invented in 1889.

“Paul de Vivie invents a two speed rear derailleur gear” in 1905.

Disk brakes are invented in 1994.

There are lots of different designs in bicycle history. However the main concept remained the same: two wheels, man-power, pedals, and a power transmission system.

Crazy bikes

Photo credits: en.wikipedia.org

In the following video bike’s history is summarized:


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