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Murals of Kadikoy

I had photographed the following murals and graffities on October 19th,2013.

If you visit Istanbul, you can see them on the walls of the buildings in Kadikoy.

Murals of Kadikoy

Rasim pasa Karakolhane str – Muhendis Sari Ali str

Karakolhane street and Muhendis Sari Ali street Crossing

Murals of Kadikoy

From Kir Kahvesi street

The above mural is at the Kir Kahvesi street.

Murals of Kadikoy

From Kir Kahvesi street

Again, a mural from Kir Kahvesi street.

The murals above belongs to the concept of Mural-Ist Wall Painting Festival. The first paintings were made on 2012.

This year the fourth festival is giving birth to new murals. The festival will be active in whole summer.

The walls will be enlightened by the new Murals of Kadikoy.

ahmet aksoy


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  1. […] If you like to see the previous mural on the same location click th following link: http://gurmezin.com/murals-of-kadikoy/ […]

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