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Nano Memory Cell Imitates Long Term Human Memory

RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University researchers at Micro Nano Research Facility (MNRF) has built an electronic multi-state memory cell which imitates some of the normal brain cell behaviors. This is a huge development on the way to creating a bionic brain.

Nano Memory Cell Imitates Long Term Human Memory

Credits: rmit.edu.au

The discovery was recently published in an important science journal.

Project leader Dr Sharath Sriram says: “This is the closest we have come to creating a brain-like system with memory that learns and stores analog information and is quick at retrieving this stored information.”

That discovery maybe opens a new path to the binary digital technology to overcome the speed and data storage problems.

Also, for the artificial intelligence this might be an important milestone.

We are tired to be amazed by technological inventions so frequently. 🙂

For the awsome technological details on the subject, please follow the links below the References.

Sci-Tech-Art Magazine


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