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New gel can stop dangerous wound bleeding

“Traumatic injuries resulting from gunshots or traffic accidents, can often be fatal if the injured person does not receive prompt medical care.”

dangerous wound bleeding

Credits: ScienceAlert

Now, a new polymer material could stop the bleeding of dangerous wounds. After polymer injection, it stimulates a faster, and durable blood clotting. The material, known as PolySTAT, was developed by engineers of the University of Washington, in the United States, and mimics a natural protein in the body that helps to strengthen the formation of blood clots.

The team says that after the injection, the wound healing polymer innocuously circulates in the blood, identifies sites of vascular injury, and promotes the formation of clots to stop bleeding”.

Tests are performed on rats yet. But, it is reported that a 100% success obtained.

The polymer might be a miraculous life-saver.

For the original article please click : http://www.sciencealert.com/injectable-polymer-could-halt-bleeding-after-traumatic-injury

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