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New scientific discoveries of 2015

New scientific discoveries of 2015

Image Credits: www.howchina.cn

In 2015 there were some interesting scientific discoveries that possible will affect our future.

Here is a small derivation from some of these discoveries:

  • Supermassive black hole: It has a mass whic is 12 million times larger than our own sun.
  • Two more unknown planets estimated to to be existing farther than Pluto.
  • Human skeletal muscles raised in the laboratories that can respond like native tissue to external stimuli.
  • A high quality graphene produced at a cost of 1000 times cheaper than the average cost at Delt University.
  • The first human epigenome map is completed.
  • Researchers from North Carolina University discovered a new phase of carbon which gives the ability to produce diamond at room temperatures and normal athospheric pressures.
  • NASA finds possible evidence of flowing water on Mars
  • EM Drive becomes a reality according to scientists
  • New Horizons space probe reached Pluto
  • Scientist discovered the first warm-blooded fish
  • New species found in the Himalayas

I wish the best for everybody in 2016.

Ahmet Aksoy


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