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Quantum computer runs 100 millon times faster

Quantum computer runs 100 millon times faster

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Google and NASA announces the quantum computer developed by their teams runs 100 million times faster than a normal binary computer with a single processor. The code name of the quantum computer is D-WAVE 2X.

A normal computer uses binary technology using on and off states of bits. A gate is either open or closed in binary systems. But in quantum computers, qubits are used. A qubit can have the opposite states zero and one simultaneously.

“To give you an idea of its processing capacity, what the D-WAVE 2X takes one second to process, a common PC would take 10,000 years.” say Lara Lopes from (Actually 100 million seconds does not make 10 thousand years. It is roughly 100000000/86400/365 = 3.17 years. I think there is a miscalculation.)

Google plans to use quantum computers in its internet services.

NASA will use them where heavy calculations are required such as orbital calculations and atmospheric mappings for the climate change.

Quantum computers will start a new era in computer technology.

Ahmet Aksoy


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