Kas 282015
5.907 viewsCan robots be conscious?

Can robots be conscious? Robert Lawrence Kuhn asks the same question with a different point of view in his article published in www.space.com : “When Robots Colonize the Cosmos, Will They Be Conscious?” So he assumes that robots will conquer cosmos instead of biological beings. He says, “The first colonizers of the cosmos will be robots, not humans. At some point, they will become self-replicating […]

Tem 082015
3.955 viewsMachines are dreaming

Machines are dreaming Artificial intelligence (AI) related works performed by Google for image recognition started to break the boundaries. The Google Neural Network now creates some hallucinatory images which contain similar image patterns buried in them. Some of these images are really beautiful as in the following: But, not all of these pictures are lovely. Some of them are irritating, even fearful: An article by […]

Haz 302015
10.297 viewsGoogle's AI bot wants to live forever

Google’s AI bot wants to live forever Google released a new report on 23 Jun 2015, with the title “A Neural Conversational Model”. In the report, there are some interesting dialogs between the machine and the human beings. The new AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot has a very large conversation topic capacity. You can ask it anything you want. It is not limited to answer some […]