Kas 282015
5.958 viewsCan robots be conscious?

Can robots be conscious? Robert Lawrence Kuhn asks the same question with a different point of view in his article published in www.space.com : “When Robots Colonize the Cosmos, Will They Be Conscious?” So he assumes that robots will conquer cosmos instead of biological beings. He says, “The first colonizers of the cosmos will be robots, not humans. At some point, they will become self-replicating […]

Tem 202015
3.700 viewsRobots show a degree of self-awareness

Robots show a degree of self-awareness Finally a robot passed a self-awareness test. The test performed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. They built 3 robots which were aware of their limitations. The test is based on a known story of the three wise men and the king. In the story, the king called the three wisest men in his kingdom. He placed a […]