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Abandoned golf courses are converted to solar power plants in Japan

In Japan, there are lots of abandoned golf courses. Now, as a new approach these vast areas are being converted to solar power plants.

Solar power plants

After the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in 2011, Japan has been looking for safer and renewable energy alternatives. Solar power plants are good candidates for the solution.

The first 23 megawatt project will be completed in 2017, and will fulfill the energy need of about 8,000 houses. The project owner is the Kyocera Group.

Kyocera also have another 92 megawatt similar solar power plant project which will supply energy for about 30,000 houses.

We hope that every person on earth understands the critical importance of safe and renewable energy production.


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An ocean discovered 400 miles beneath our feet

Scientists discover an ocean 400 miles beneath our feet that could fill our oceans three times over.

An ocean discovered 400 miles beneath our feet

According to the results obtained from researches, in the mantle of the Earth, there exists a huge reservoir of water. The volume of water contained in this reservoir can fill Earth’s oceans three times.

Scientists think that the actual source of water on the surface of the Earth is that reservoir; not collisions of some icy asteroids.

The water is trapped in a mineral called ringwoodite at a depth of 400 to 660 kilometers (250-410 miles).

source: http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/184564-scientists-discover-an-ocean-400-miles-beneath-our-feet-that-could-fill-our-oceans-three-times-over

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Major Threats to Human Existence

Major Threats to Human Existence

Modern humans accelerated evolution in a quite short period of time. Especially int last decades, that effect can be described as an explosion.

We gather and create new data. We destroy and redesign our environment. We pollute the atmosphere and water sources. We make dangerous experiments on DNA. We kill forests. We kill wild life. We kill our brothers and sisters. We kill children.

We behave as if we are the creator and owner of everthing…

It is not wrong to say that human kind is the biggest disaster on the earth. Because, the modern human is the most dangerous creature in the history of our globe.

As a result, maybe human kind will commit a suicide with this behaviour. Who knows?
The major threats to human existence are simply as follows: (Only the last items are natural. All of the first items are completely human-made.)

  • Biological war / bioengineered pandemic
  • Nano technology
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Ecological catastroph
  • Nuclear war
  • Sub-atomic particle experiments
  • Global system collapse
  • Super volcanoes
  • Asteroid impacts
  • Unknown consequences

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    Robots show a degree of self-awareness

    Finally a robot passed a self-awareness test.

    Robots show a degree of self-awareness

    Photo: RAIR Lab

    The test performed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. They built 3 robots which were aware of their limitations.

    The test is based on a known story of the three wise men and the king.

    In the story, the king called the three wisest men in his kingdom. He placed a white or blue hat on the head of each wise men. They didn’t know the color of the hat on their own head. They didn’t allowed to talk. The first man who knew his hat’s color, would become the new adviser of the king.

    The three robots played the roles of the wise men.

    Two of them were programmed not to be able to speak. The third one was able to talk. Then they were asked to say which one could speak.

    In the following video you can watch the test.

    This development might be a very small one. But it shows that self-awareness could be programmed. Artificial intelligence is passing over the limits one by one.

    Maybe we will see them as citizens in the near future.

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    Bacteria Can Talk To Each Other

    In a TED talk, Bonnie Bassler says that “bacteria can talk to each other” using a chemical language. So, they can defend and attack in coordination. This discovery might be helpful to have some amazing applications in medicine industry.


    Bacteria Can Talk To Each Other

    Photo: www.abcnews.com

    Bassler explains that human body is composed of mainly viral structures with a percentage higher than 90%, or even 99%. Communication mechanism of these viral structures are particularly important for us. Understanding of this mechanism that blocks communication among disease-causing organisms may support new defense systems.

    Especially the new generation of antibiotics, seem to benefit from this discovery.

    In the video below, these topics are discussed, and interesting details are given.

    I suggest you to watch this TED Talk. You will like it.


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    Humans may be half a million years older than we thought

    Humans may be half a million years older than we thought

    Fossil discovery suggests humans may be half a million years older than we thought.
    A 2.8 million-year-old jawbone might be about to rewrite our family tree.

    Researchers working in Ethiopia have unearthed the oldest human fossil ever, and the discovery could push back the origin of the Homo genus by half a million years.

    The lower jaw fossil has been described in two simultaneous papers published in Science today (here and here), and is helping to shed some light on the mysterious origin of our human family in eastern Africa. The fossil, which was first found in 2013, has been dated to around 2.8 million years old, at least 400,000 years older than any previous Homo fossil.

    “There is a big gap in the fossil record between about 2.5 million and 3 million years ago – there’s virtually nothing relating to the ancestors of Homo from that time period, in spite of a lot of people looking,” co-author of the study Brian Villmoare from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas told Charles Q. Choi from Live Science. “Now we have a fossil of Homo from this time, the earliest evidence of Homo yet.”

    (From ScienceAlert)

    For the details please read: http://www.sciencealert.com/fossil-discovery-suggests-humans-may-be-half-a-million-years-older-than-we-thought

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