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6.056 viewsWhy You should Buy Google Nexus 6?

Why You should Buy Google Nexus 6? Google tries to enter smartphone market with a powerful product. With Nexus 6 it tries to give a meaningful message to its customers. The following feature list shows that Nexus 6 is above the average apparently. Better battery power: 3220mAh (avg. 2727mAH) Faster CPU clock speed: 4.0×2.7GHz (avg. […]

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6.461 viewsSamsung Galaxy 5 tips and tricks

Samsung Galaxy 5 tips and tricks Fingerprint scanner: You can enable it by the following steps: Settings > Personalisation > Finger Scanner > Enable. Safety and emergency features: Activate Safety Assistance from the Settings menu. Download booster: If you want to download a file greater than 30MB, then you can use download booster feature. Booster […]

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6.352 viewsBest Phablets to buy in 2015

Best Phablets to buy in 2015 Phablets are devices that have both smartphone and tablet properties with sizes between these two categories. A phablet is an oversized smartphone and a downsized tablet. Simply we can define smartphones with screen sizes 5.5 in and above as phablets. In 2015 phablets are sold more than smartphones and […]

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10.555 views30 usage areas for super material graphene

30 usage areas for super material graphene Graphene is a super material which is only one atom thick graphite (carbon) layer. It has a better conductivity than copper, and it is stronger than steel. Now, it is one of the most popular technological materials on the market. I don’t want to bore you with technical […]

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6.643 viewsFuturistic technological devices

Futuristic technological devices Futuristic technologies startle us with some fantastic new gadgets. I gathered a few of them for you. Air umbrella Protects you from the rain using a stream of air. It weighs 500 to 800 grams, and it can be used for 15 or 30 minutes. Touch screen tables It is for who […]