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5.787 viewsCan robots be conscious?

Can robots be conscious? Robert Lawrence Kuhn asks the same question with a different point of view in his article published in www.space.com : “When Robots Colonize the Cosmos, Will They Be Conscious?” So he assumes that robots will conquer cosmos instead of biological beings. He says, “The first colonizers of the cosmos will be […]

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5.612 viewsSmart Techno clocks

Smart Techno clocks Normally clocks and watches are devices for tracking time. In the history, there were many different types of such timekeeping devices: Sundials Water clocks Candle clocks Oil-lamp clocks Incense clocks Hourglasses Mechanical clocks Spring driven clocks Pendulum clocks Chronometers Pocket watches Wrist watches Electric clocks Quartz clocks Atomic clocks Digital clocks Smart […]

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5.973 viewsHistory of bike

History of bike First known bikes are invented in 19th century. However there are some unverified claims about “bicycle-like machines” from 15th century. (See details in wikipedia). The first known bicycle was invented by German Baron Kar von Drais. It was called Draisine and patented in 1818. The first “pedal-operated bicycle” was invented by a […]

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5.260 viewsFoldable wireless keyboard

Foldable wireless keyboard Do you have problems with your touch-screen smartphone or tablet keyboard because of its ultra small size? Then, LG serves a solution for you: Rolly. It is a foldable, wireless mini-size keyboard that can be transported easily. When you fold it, it becomes a stick. Rolly maintains its connection via Bluetooth 3.0. […]

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4.643 viewsYour suitcase follows you

Your suitcase follows you Your suitcase is following you. What a bright idea! The project starts in 2012. Its name is “Hop! The following suitcase”. See the description of the project: “Hop is a suitcase that follows the user. Represents the next generation of luggage, the following. The suitcase contains three receivers that are able […]

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5.465 viewsTweel Wheels

Tweel Wheels Michelin company introduce a new concept for tires. The new tire type is called TWEEL (a composite name coming from tire and wheel). Tweel system is summarized as No Maintenance – No Compromise – No Downtime. Tweels are airless radial tires. They need no maintenance. Watch the following video for technical details: In […]