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6.674 viewsFantastic Material Aerogel

Fantastic Material Aerogel Aerogel is a fantastic material that is strong as steel and light as air. (Its weight is only 3 times heavier than air.) It is a synthetic material derived from a gel. Sometimes it is called as “frozen smoke”. Despite its name, it is a rigid material. Aerogels are very good thermal […]

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23.363 viewsNew style smartphones

New style smartphones One of the new style smart phones is “handsfree/earsfree” Nokia FIT. It is a concept designed by Issam Trabelsi. You can wear it to your index finger. It is very simple, but functional. It is made up of soft silicon and flexible rubber. Completely water proof. It is a minimalistic approach. You […]

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7.004 viewsYet Unknown Newest Tech Products

Yet Unknown Newest Tech Products Wearable Air Mouse The AirMouse is set to be released within the next year for $129. And besides looking super futuristic, it might actually help you avoid repetitive stress injuries from constant mouse use. The wearable device only works as a mouse when your hand is in a flat, neutral […]