Şub 062016
2.935 viewsMicrosoft Testing Underwater Data Centers

Microsoft Testing Underwater Data Centers Companies like Microsoft and Google are searching for better solutions for the geometrical increase in the volume of data transmissions demanded by their consumers. They are using more hardwares, and more energy to maintain their services. The by-product of it is the excessive heat to be removed. Microsoft, now tries […]

Şub 012016
3.281 viewsSuper-fast 5G Internet by Solar Powered Drones

Super-fast 5G Internet by Solar Powered Drones In an article by BEC Crew in ScienceAlert.com it is said that Google is working on a secret project codenamed Skybender. In the project a data transmission 40 times faster than the fastest wireless services is aimed. The new data transmission will be made in a new spectrum […]