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30 usage areas for super material graphene

30 usage areas for super material graphene

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Graphene is a super material which is only one atom thick graphite (carbon) layer. It has a better conductivity than copper, and it is stronger than steel. Now, it is one of the most popular technological materials on the market.

I don’t want to bore you with technical details. But, in order to let you imagine about its usage areas, I will give you a short list:

Some usage areas of graphene:

01- Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD).
02- Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED).
03- Touch screens for smartphones, tablets, computers and TV’s.
04- Electronic systems
05- Aerospace applications
06- Air crafts
07- Space stations
08- Wearable electronics (graphene+boron)
09- Body armor for military personnel
10- Nanobots
11- Drones
12- Photo-voltaic cells
13- Super-capacitors
14- Rechargeable batteries
15- Sports equipment – tennis racquet, skis, bicycle frames
16- Bionic devices – tissue engineering, artificial muscles
17- Bio-micro-robotics
18- Organic electronics
19- Solar cells
20- Fuel cells
21- Hydrogen storage
22- Smoke detection
23- Water filtration – scuba diving without oxygen tanks, water desalination
24- Lubricants
25- Water proof coatings
26- Structural materials
27- Head casquettes, helmets
28- Shoes
29- Clothing
30- Micro light bulbs

I will add new items to the list when I find new area. Maybe you know something to add, do you?

Ahmet Aksoy


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