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3D printed new life forms

3D printed new life forms

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This is not science fiction. We are in the synthetic genomics era. Sythetic organisms can be printed by 3D printers.

  • 2010: The first living organism which have a computure for a mother was created in Maryland. Its nickname is Synthia.
  • 2012: The genome of 80,000 years old Denisovan extracted from a bone.
  • 2015: “Three-parent babies” are legalised in the United Kingdom.
  • by 2020: “Many hospitals will have genomic medicine departments, designing medical therapies based on your personal genetic constitution.”
  • by 2025: “We will have sequenced the genomes of billions of individuals.”
  • by 2050: Handling the biodiversity existing on our earth. “DNA-based Systema Natura” will be completed.
  • by 2100: Biocode will become completely sythetic. Artificial living organisms will dominate natural bio-organisms.

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Ahmet Aksoy


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