Oca 022016
4.326 viewsNew scientific discoveries of 2015

New scientific discoveries of 2015 In 2015 there were some interesting scientific discoveries that possible will affect our future. Here is a small derivation from some of these discoveries: Supermassive black hole: It has a mass whic is 12 million times larger than our own sun. Two more unknown planets estimated to to be existing farther than Pluto. Human skeletal muscles raised in the laboratories […]

Ara 292015
3.714 viewsTalking walls from Kadikoy

Talking walls from Kadikoy The following murals are not new paintings. But I couldn’t find an appropriate time to fix them into my timeline. Yes, at the end, even the atmospheric conditions were not ideal to photograph, I got a few shots from two murals today. Both of the murals are from the crossing of Talimhane and Reşit Efendi streets. Now, I want to share […]

Ara 282015
5.438 viewsQuantum computer runs 100 millon times faster

Quantum computer runs 100 millon times faster Google and NASA announces the quantum computer developed by their teams runs 100 million times faster than a normal binary computer with a single processor. The code name of the quantum computer is D-WAVE 2X. A normal computer uses binary technology using on and off states of bits. A gate is either open or closed in binary systems. […]

Ara 222015
5.613 viewsDry Ice or Flowing Water on Mars Surface

Dry Ice or Flowing Water on Mars Surface Recently some of the formations on the slopes of the craters on Mars were assumed to be the evidence of seasonal flowing water. However, now there is a different proposal for the formation of these structures. According to the new proposal, the main actor might be dry ice, not flowing liquid water. It is known that most […]

Ara 192015
4.451 viewsDoes Methane Shows Life In Mars?

Does Methane Shows Life In Mars? Atmospheric methane on earth is mostly genarated by biological processes. So, if there is methane on the atmosphere of a planet, possibly some signs of life can be found there. The above assumption is applied to Mars now. Because, according to Curiosity team, methane concentrations on the air at Gale Crater increased by a factor of 10 in only […]

Ara 162015
5.319 viewsSuper Material Boron Nitride Nanotubes

Super Material Boron Nitride Nanotubes Nano Technology introduces us with interesting super materials. Boron Nitride Nanotubes is such a revolutionary superior material. Boron Nitride Nanotubes are similar to Carbon Nanotubes. But its wide band gap semiconducting properties makes it a better candidate for small circuit components. Some potential usability areas of Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT): Biomedical Lighweight ceramic composites Electrical insulation Fire retardant cabling Piezoelectric […]