Ara 062015
4.687 views3D printed new life forms

3D printed new life forms This is not science fiction. We are in the synthetic genomics era. Sythetic organisms can be printed by 3D printers. 2010: The first living organism which have a computure for a mother was created in Maryland. Its nickname is Synthia. 2012: The genome of 80,000 years old Denisovan extracted from a bone. 2015: “Three-parent babies” are legalised in the United […]

Ara 042015
5.160 viewsMetal 3D Printing Systems

Metal 3D Printing Systems 3D printing systems are getting better results each day. Especially metal 3D printing systems have an extra importance, because they can produce “complex geometries which traditional CNC machining processes are not capable of.” 3D printing systems mainly make use of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). This method creates 20-40 micron layers by melted metal using a laser beam. The layers are […]

Ara 012015
6.662 viewsGreen Technology

Green Technology is a very interesting web site. If ecological stability does matter for you, then you should visit them occasionaly. They have practical green technology projects which use some waste materials converting them to useful thingies. In the “upside-down tomateous plant growing project” they use plastic bottles as pots. The project is very pretty and simple. Even a child can do it. If […]

Kas 252015
5.708 viewsSmart Techno clocks

Smart Techno clocks Normally clocks and watches are devices for tracking time. In the history, there were many different types of such timekeeping devices: Sundials Water clocks Candle clocks Oil-lamp clocks Incense clocks Hourglasses Mechanical clocks Spring driven clocks Pendulum clocks Chronometers Pocket watches Wrist watches Electric clocks Quartz clocks Atomic clocks Digital clocks Smart techno clocks And now clocks are evolved into smart techno […]

Kas 222015
6.100 viewsHistory of bike

History of bike First known bikes are invented in 19th century. However there are some unverified claims about “bicycle-like machines” from 15th century. (See details in wikipedia). The first known bicycle was invented by German Baron Kar von Drais. It was called Draisine and patented in 1818. The first “pedal-operated bicycle” was invented by a French metalworker in 1863. Ball bearings are started being used […]

Kas 192015
5.394 viewsFoldable wireless keyboard

Foldable wireless keyboard Do you have problems with your touch-screen smartphone or tablet keyboard because of its ultra small size? Then, LG serves a solution for you: Rolly. It is a foldable, wireless mini-size keyboard that can be transported easily. When you fold it, it becomes a stick. Rolly maintains its connection via Bluetooth 3.0. As a power source, it uses a single AAA size […]