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close Your Eyes To Remember Better

“A new study suggests that closing your eyes can help you recall sights and sounds in more accurate detail.” – www.sciencealert.com

Close Your Eyes To Remember Better

Credits: ScienceAlert

As the conclusion of a series of researches in the University of Surrey in the UK, “closing your eyes can improve your short-term memory.”

In an experiment, 178 participants watched a silent film. Then they were split into two groups. One group let their eyes open, and the other group closed their eyes.

Researchers asked participants some questions about the film. As a result, closed-eyed group obtained a success ratio of 71%. The other group’s success was only 48%.

This result is not surprising.

By shutting your eyes, you stop the flood of visual inputs which could affect your short-term memory. According to new researches, short-term memory has a limited capacity. By stopping the new visual inputs, you protect the data which are already in the short-term memory.

So, in order to remember the place of keys of your house, or where you had parked your car, it is a better practice to close your eyes while thinking.

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