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After a long break due to health problems, we are starting to use gurmezin.com effectively again.

This period also coincided with the rapid rise of Artificial Intelligence applications. Today, tools such as ChatGPT are opening new horizons for us both on the web and by providing API support.

In addition, it is possible to chat with your own documents using tools like LangChain.

Without further ado, I will give a short dialog we had with the free version of ChatGPT as an example:


I have a website at https://gurmezin.com. I publish informative articles on science, technology and art on this website. I took a break for a few years due to health problems. Now I am starting again. I plan to get Artificial Intelligence support in my new articles. Do you have any suggestions on this subject?

ChatGPT Answer:

Adding AI support to your articles is a great idea! AI can help you in the content creation process and provide a richer experience for your readers. Here are some suggestions for using AI:

Text generation: AI models can generate text on a specific topic, such as an article, blog post or news article. You can use these models to diversify the content on your site and generate text more quickly. For example, a language model based on GPT-3 can work with you to generate text.
Content recommendations: AI can analyze your existing content and make content recommendations based on your readers’ interests and preferences. For example, after a reader reads a post, AI can improve the user experience by suggesting other related posts or topics.
Language editing: AI-based language editing tools can detect grammatical, spelling and narrative errors in your articles and suggest corrections. This way, you can make your articles more fluent and error-free.
Topic analysis: By analyzing the content of your articles, AI can determine what topics you focus on and what your readers are interested in. These insights can help you shape your future content strategy.
Summarization and information extraction: AI can summarize texts and extract important information. This can be useful for making longer posts more accessible or presenting complex topics in a more understandable way.

The suggestions above represent some of the areas where you can utilize your site’s AI support. Of course, which features you implement is entirely up to you. You may also need to have the technical knowledge and resources to integrate these features.

I will also share small Python scripts related to the use of artificial intelligence here as I have the opportunity.

Feel free to send me your questions and comments in the comment field below.

See you soon!…

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