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First underground urban farm opens in London

An article by Peter Dockrill from www.sciencealert.com introduces the world’s first urban farm in London:

Peter says:

“The world’s first underground urban farm has started trading in London, making use of old World War II tunnels underneath the city to host an eco-friendly, sustainable farming business.

‘Growing Underground’ (love the name!) uses hydroponics systems and LED lighting to produce a range of vegetables and herbs including celery, rocket, parsley, radish, and mustard leaf. A pesticide-free farming process – the results of 18 months of research and preparation – has been designed to produce crops with the least amount of energy expenditure possible.”

First underground urban farm opens in London

Photo: Growing-Underground

You can read the interesting details at: http://www.sciencealert.com/world-s-first-underground-urban-farm-opens-for-business-in-london

Underground urban farming is not a very new technology. Especially in small scales, it has a quite old history. (eg. mushroom).

References about the subject:

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