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Major Threats to Human Existence

Major Threats to Human Existence

Modern humans accelerated evolution in a quite short period of time. Especially int last decades, that effect can be described as an explosion.

We gather and create new data. We destroy and redesign our environment. We pollute the atmosphere and water sources. We make dangerous experiments on DNA. We kill forests. We kill wild life. We kill our brothers and sisters. We kill children.

We behave as if we are the creator and owner of everthing…

It is not wrong to say that human kind is the biggest disaster on the earth. Because, the modern human is the most dangerous creature in the history of our globe.

As a result, maybe human kind will commit a suicide with this behaviour. Who knows?
The major threats to human existence are simply as follows: (Only the last items are natural. All of the first items are completely human-made.)

  • Biological war / bioengineered pandemic
  • Nano technology
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Ecological catastroph
  • Nuclear war
  • Sub-atomic particle experiments
  • Global system collapse
  • Super volcanoes
  • Asteroid impacts
  • Unknown consequences

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