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Metal 3D Printing Systems

Metal 3D Printing Systems

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3D printing systems are getting better results each day. Especially metal 3D printing systems have an extra importance, because they can produce “complex geometries which traditional CNC machining processes are not capable of.”

3D printing systems mainly make use of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). This method creates 20-40 micron layers by melted metal using a laser beam. The layers are created additively on top of each other.

Most of the Metal 3D Printing Systems require a high budget. However there is also a low-cost open-source 3D metal printing system on described in details.

Now complicated metallic parts can be manufactured as a single unit without the need of a mold resulting a lower cost. Space technology improvements will have a greater accelaration by the use of 3D Metal Printing Systems.

Ahmet Aksoy


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