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Robots show a degree of self-awareness

Finally a robot passed a self-awareness test.

Robots show a degree of self-awareness

Photo: RAIR Lab

The test performed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. They built 3 robots which were aware of their limitations.

The test is based on a known story of the three wise men and the king.

In the story, the king called the three wisest men in his kingdom. He placed a white or blue hat on the head of each wise men. They didn’t know the color of the hat on their own head. They didn’t allowed to talk. The first man who knew his hat’s color, would become the new adviser of the king.

The three robots played the roles of the wise men.

Two of them were programmed not to be able to speak. The third one was able to talk. Then they were asked to say which one could speak.

In the following video you can watch the test.

This development might be a very small one. But it shows that self-awareness could be programmed. Artificial intelligence is passing over the limits one by one.

Maybe we will see them as citizens in the near future.

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