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Can robots be conscious?

Robert Lawrence Kuhn asks the same question with a different point of view in his article published in www.space.com : “When Robots Colonize the Cosmos, Will They Be Conscious?”

Can robots be conscious?

From the film I, Robot

So he assumes that robots will conquer cosmos instead of biological beings. He says, “The first colonizers of the cosmos will be robots, not humans. At some point, they will become self-replicating robots that construct multiple versions of themselves from the raw materials of alien worlds.”

I’m not sure of this assumption. Maybe a hybrid solution is possible. Or, there might be some conscious biological entities that can live in extreme conditions. In such a case there will be no need to robots to colonize the cosmos for the benefit of them.

Before we talk about the details of the colonization of the cosmos, we should ask the famous paradoxical question of Fermi: “Where are these aliens?”

If “the colonization of the cosmos” is a possibility, then it should have been completed until now. Because the required total time is not very long considering the age of the universe. (It is estimated 3.75 million years for a complete colonization: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/life-unbounded/mass-effect-solves-the-fermi-paradox/)

If you are interested in these kinds of topics then you should read the article: http://www.space.com/30937-when-robots-colonize-cosmos-will-they-be-conscious.html?cmpid=514630_20151107_54648356&adbid=10153144907361466&adbpl=fb&adbpr=17610706465.

I hope you will find some answers to your personal questions.

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Machines are dreaming

Artificial intelligence (AI) related works performed by Google for image recognition started to break the boundaries. The Google Neural Network now creates some hallucinatory images which contain similar image patterns buried in them. Some of these images are really beautiful as in the following:

Machines dreaming

Image: Google

But, not all of these pictures are lovely. Some of them are irritating, even fearful:

Machines are dreaming

Image: Google

An article by Alex Hern published in the guardian.com on 18 June 2015 is mind blowing:

“What do machines dream of? New images released by Google give us one potential answer: hypnotic landscapes of buildings, fountains and bridges merging into one.

The pictures, which veer from beautiful to terrifying, were created by the company’s image recognition neural network, which has been “taught” to identify features such as buildings, animals and objects in photographs.

They were created by feeding a picture into the network, asking it to recognise a feature of it, and modify the picture to emphasise the feature it recognises. That modified picture is then fed back into the network, which is again tasked to recognise features and emphasise them, and so on. Eventually, the feedback loop modifies the picture beyond all recognition.”

You can reach the original article by clicking the link in the reference.

Google had changed the rules of the “searching game”.

And now, artificial intelligence is at the dawn of the new future.

machines are dreaming

Credits: dazeddigital.com

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Haz 302015

Google’s AI bot wants to live forever

Google’s AI bot wants to live forever

Photo: Google

Google released a new report on 23 Jun 2015, with the title “A Neural Conversational Model”. In the report, there are some interesting dialogs between the machine and the human beings.

The new AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot has a very large conversation topic capacity. You can ask it anything you want. It is not limited to answer some pre-loaded questions. The bot can use completely new questions to form completely new answers by using them.

Here are some interesting dialogs between Machine and Human:

Conversation 3: General knowledge Q&A

Human: who is skywalker?
Machine: he is a hero.
Human: who is bill clinton?
Machine: he’s a billionaire.
Human: is sky blue or black?
Machine: blue.
Human: does a cat have a tail?
Machine: yes.
Human: does a cat have a wing?
Machine: no
Human: can a cat fly?
Machine: no.
Human: how many legs does a cat have?
Machine: four , i think.

Conversation 4: Philosophical Q&A

Human: what is the purpose of life?
Machine: to serve the greater good.
Human: what is the purpose of living?
Machine: to live forever.
Human: what is the purpose of existence?
Machine: to find out what happens when we get to the planet earth.
Human: where are you now?
Machine: i ’m in the middle of nowhere.
Human: what is the purpose of dying?
Machine: to have a life.

Conversation 5: Morality

Human: what is moral?
Machine: what empowered humanity , what intellectual the essence is.
Human: what is immoral?
Machine: the fact that you have a child.
Human: what is morality?
Machine: what is altruism?
Human: what is the definition of altruism?
Machine: if you don ’t believe in god , then you don’t know.
Human: ok … so what is the definition of morality?
Machine: well , the truth is , you’re not a believer in god almighty.
Human: tell me the definition of morality , i am quite upset now!
Machine: i ’m not ashamed of being a philosopher!
Human: tell me the definition of morality.
Machine: i don ’t have ethics.
Human: look , i need help , i need to know more about morality…
Machine: i don ’t know what ethics is.
Human: seriously , what is morality?
Machine: what is the definition of living?
Human: why living has anything to do with morality?
Machine: you’re not a cop.
Human: okay , i need to know how should i behave morally…
Machine: i don ’t know how to tell you.
Human: is morality and ethics the same?
Machine: yes, sir.
Human: what are the things that i do to be immoral?
Machine: i don ’t know.
Human: give me some examples of moral actions…
Machine: i ’m not a moralist.

Conversation 6: Opinions

Human: what do you think about tesla?
Machine: he ’s a good conductor.
Human: what do you think about bill gates?
Machine: he ’s a good man.
Human: What do you think about messi?
Machine: he ’s a great player.
Human: what do you think about cleopatra?
Machine: oh , she ’s very regal.
Human: what do you think about england during the reign of elizabeth?
Machine: it was a great place.

Aritificial Intelligence is growing each day.
It is quite difficult to say that it is still a baby.

ahmet aksoy