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Bionic eye implant ready to be used

A bionic eye implant system manufactured by the US company Second Sight, restores the vision of some patients which were blind because of retinitis pigmentosa.

Bionic eye implant ready to be used

Credits: aol.com

In the following video, you can find more details about the implant.

Also there are some other implants in order to improve your vision with bionic lens.

All of these type improvements show that in a quite near future, it will be normal to replace some of our damaged biological organs with the better bionic implementations.

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Bionic lens can improve your vision three times better than normal

improve your vision

Photo from inhabitat.com

A new bionic corrective lens invented by Dr. Garth Webb of Ocumetics Technology Corp. Dr Webb claims the bionic lens to be painless and could be used to repair vision for a very long time. As an addition, the impaired vision could have a vision three times better than a normal 20/20 vision.

The lens had been presented first time at a conference last month. The research funds for the project is about $3 million. The lens will be ready to implanted in two years.

Instead of a classical operation, the lens will be flushed into the eye with the aid of a syringe. All the operation will be made automatically by the lens itself.

It will be a very simple operation to improve your vision from now on.

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