Eki 132015
10.708 views30 usage areas for super material graphene

30 usage areas for super material graphene Graphene is a super material which is only one atom thick graphite (carbon) layer. It has a better conductivity than copper, and it is stronger than steel. Now, it is one of the most popular technological materials on the market. I don’t want to bore you with technical details. But, in order to let you imagine about its […]

Ağu 192015
9.474 viewsMiraculous super-light super-strong nano-material

Miraculous super-light super-strong nano-material You must know it. Because it is made up of pure carbon. It has the same atomic structure with diamond, which has the hardest natural structure. It is like an old friend sits in the core of your pencil, that is graphite. It is the base element of coal. However, it is a futuristic material. It is a nano-material. Yes, it […]

Ağu 092015
9.741 viewsA new superconductor coming soon

A new superconductor coming soon A team of members from Stanford University and some Chinese institutions claim that they found a method to create stanene. Stanene is a theoretical two-dimensional material which has a honeycomb-like structure with the thickness of a single atom. It is assumed to work in normal room temperatures almost with no resistance to electricity. Therefore it can be used in electronic […]