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Our Amazing Brain

Did you know the following interesting details about human brain?

Photo: blogspot.com

Photo: blogspot.com


  • It weighs 1400 grams (3 pounds). The weight is not very important. Einstein’s brain was lower than the average. It was only 1230 grams (2.71 pounds).
  • 75% of it is made up of water.
  • There are 100 billion neurons in our brains. (15 times bigger than total population on earth now -2014).
  • The neurons establish 1000 trillion connections (synapses).
  • In our brains there are 100 billion glial cells which protect neurons covering them. The glial cells are also inter-connected.
  • A neuron can send 200 electrical signals (impulses) in a second.
  • Neural impulses have a velocity of 200 kilometers per second (125 Miles per second).
  • The total length of neurons is about 780 thousand kilometers ( 485 miles).
  • Our brain uses 15% of blood in our body.
  • 25% of oxygen taken is consumed by the brain.
  • 20% of the total energy created in our body is consumed by our brain.
  • Diameters of neurons are 4 to 100 microns.
  • Some neurons are longer than 2 meters.
  • The total length of the blood vessels in our brains is approximately 96 thousand kilometers (60 thousand miles).
  • It is a false urban legend that human could use only the 10 percent of their brain capacities.
  • Nevertheless in our brains every cell is active, because unused cells can not live long in our brains.

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