Ağu 092015

A new superconductor coming soon

A new superconductor coming soon stanene

Credit: pbs.twimg.com

A team of members from Stanford University and some Chinese institutions claim that they found a method to create stanene.

Stanene is a theoretical two-dimensional material which has a honeycomb-like structure with the thickness of a single atom. It is assumed to work in normal room temperatures almost with no resistance to electricity. Therefore it can be used in electronic devices without any loss due to heating. With the hundred per cent efficiency, electronic devices will use less energy resulting a longer battery life. Also, smartphones will have no heating problems.

Stanene is very similar to graphene. However it is made up of stannum (tin) instead of carbon atoms.

Laboratory research groups in Germany, China, and United States are trying to find a practical method to produce stanene. Maybe in a few years we will be using stanene layers in the integrated circuits.

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