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Technological Expectations in 2016

Technological Expectations in 2016

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We prepared a collage of technological expectations in 2016 for you as a summary. Maybe you know most of them already. But, there are also some surprises too.

A summary of 2016 Technological Expectations:

  • All dogs will be microchipped in England
  • First manned space flight from India
  • The first space hotel
  • Agricultural robots on farms
  • Widespread usage of OLED displays
  • The Juno probe arrives at Jupiter
  • Dubai police uses Google Glass
  • Domestic drones for the police department
  • Medicine distribution to difficult areas by drones
  • Internet overtakes TV
  • Usage of new processor types
  • Drone lanes will be used to protect collisions
  • Quantum computing
  • More wearable technology in everday life

Technological advances are enormous. But, each day it becomes more difficult for us to be surprised.

Ahmet Aksoy