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Tweel Wheels

Tweel Wheels

Photo credits: sclick.net

Michelin company introduce a new concept for tires. The new tire type is called TWEEL (a composite name coming from tire and wheel).

Tweel system is summarized as No Maintenance – No Compromise – No Downtime.

Tweels are airless radial tires. They need no maintenance.

Tweel Wheels

Image from: sclick.net

Watch the following video for technical details:

In wikipedia, benefits are defined as follows: “Potential benefits of the Tweel include not only the obvious safety and convenience of never having flat tires, but also, in automotive applications, the Tweel airless tire has the potential to be able to break a significant performance compromise that is inherent to pneumatic tires. Unlike a pneumatic tire, a Tweel can be designed to have high lateral stiffness while simultaneously having low vertical stiffness.”

The new nano-materials provide durable and light solutions for these types of tires. In future we can see them everywhere.

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